World Ethics Organization

Building a better future through the power of ethics

What is Ethics?

Ethics is a superpower: the most powerful tool for optimizing the benefit our decisions have for others.

Ethics are principles of “right conduct” that inform our inner guidance system for choosing how we act and react given the circumstances. What is ‘right’ depends on our beliefs and values, which can come from different sources: family, culture,  religion, science – but also our leaders, teachers, heroes, and ourselves.

There are two types of ethical acts: engaging in behavior that benefits others; and refraining from behavior that harms others.


Our mission is to unify the world through the power of ethics, bringing the conversation about ethics into the mainstream of global discourse. Read more


Everything that the WEO does is based on our dedication to integrity, service, excellence, justice, and harmony. Read more


By creating an Ecosystem-4-Ethics™️, we aim to support ethical endeavour in every part of our lives: people, politics, planet, education, business, leadership, and technology. Read more

Our Programs

The WEO is chartered to incubate educational, R&D, and thought leadership projects and programs. Our thought leadership groups will focus on innovating a global ethics narrative toward solving current ethical dilemmas. The insights they generate will be developed into reports and recommendations for best practices in their respective domains. Learn more