Ongoing Events

Kotel™️ Ethics Roundtable

Every Wednesday, 4-5p ET

Organizations grounded in ethics experience more robust growth and create environments where members thrive with satisfaction and productivity. Such a culture stems from the consistent engagement with ethical quandaries, sharpening our ability to face real-world moral challenges. In our regular discussions, we’ll delve into a range of ethical scenarios, enhancing our collective capacity for thoughtful debate and collaborative solutions. This practice not only fosters a culture steeped in integrity but also cultivates a community where ethical compliance is intrinsic, and every individual feels valued, contributing to a shared vision that propels us towards a world rich in ethical conduct and collective prosperity.

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Past Events

Ethics In Leadership

A Global Ethics Day Virtual Symposium

Date: Wednesday, 18th October, 2023

Global Ethics Day is an annual event produced by the Carnegie Council of Ethics in International Affairs. The theme for Global Ethics Day 2023 is “Ethics Empowered: Using the power of ethics to build a better world.”

The World Ethics Organization was honored to participate in last year’s Global Ethics Day, by hosting a live-streamed Virtual Symposium, “Ethics In Leadership.”