We have been featured in United Nations April 2024 article!

by | Apr 2, 2024

In this wide-ranging interview, Richard, shares his insights on the crucial role of ethics in today’s rapidly changing world.

The World Ethics Organization (WEO) was founded on the belief that humanity faces growing ethical challenges on a global scale, yet ethics are largely absent from public discourse.

Messing defines ethics as a “superpower” that allows us to make decisions with confidence that we are doing the right thing for ourselves and others.

While human behavior continually evolves, ethics provide an adaptable foundation and framework for upholding moral principles across contexts.

Messing acknowledges that leaders and organizations often pay lip service to ethics while prioritizing profits over ethical conduct.

To instill ethics in younger generations, he argues that ethics must be taught in schools and workplaces, complemented by ethical leadership from visible role models.

Messing suggest that United Nations is the ideal platform for deliberations about the ethical implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on a global scale.

It emphasizes the need for international agreements to harness AI’s potential for positive impact while mitigating potential risks.

Throughout the interview, Messing makes a passionate case for elevating the role of ethics in decision-making across all sectors of society.

The WEO aims to create an “Ecosystem-4-Ethics” where individuals and organizations can integrate ethical principles into their daily actions and spheres of influence.

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